A boost in self confidence

So I stumbled across this photo on my phone from last summer.

Last summer, June, when I achieved my first milestone of weighing under 100kg. 


I was ecstatic. I took a photo straight away to send to my dad. 

Now, I had already lost almost 21kg at this point, but even now I can see how far I’ve come since I took this photo.

Quite recently I have confirmed my date for my skin removal surgery – a full lower body lift (belt lipectomy) and arm lift surgery (brachioplasty) to begin. But in the months to follow, before my surgery in December, I have to learn to love my body for the time being. 

Its easier said than done when you have heavy amounts of skin hanging off your body, but I gave it a go. 



I’m approaching my summer holiday and swim wear is essential. I’m not quite ready for a bikini yet, BUT I’ll use what I have and wear a one piece instead. 

Not to mention, despite my jiggling legs, I bought my first short shorts. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 18.52.23

I’ve come a long way in the last year, and it was exactly one year ago today that I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic. In the last year I’ve gone from weighing 119kg to 72kg, with a BMI of 24.5. 


Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 18.51.56

Its a rarity to find pictures of me in swimwear before I lost the weight, but I managed to find something to compare it to.

Today, I’m looking forward to my holiday with my new (almost) summer body.


Roll on Hawaii!

Henrietta x


21 and counting..

It’s been a while world, and for that I can only apologise. The new year bought new challenges for me, and I had a ridiculous amount of work to do – finding internship opportunities and all sorts. 

I’ve made a few recipes along the way…


HOME BAKED ONION BHAJI = dream come true ūüėć




Anyhow, the recipes will follow in the coming months – I have exams to study for!

But let’s not forget I turned 21 recently. 


And how did I celebrate? 

Well, with food. 





And, following loch fyne, a family wagamama. 


But let’s not forget Gordon Ramsey’s beef Wellington. 

Well wasn’t that the most delicious birthday I’ve ever had. 


And don’t forgot the cake! (Or souffl√© in this case)! 

Henrietta x

Weigh-in Wednesday: 3 Kg until Healthy.

Today marks 29 weeks since I began my weight loss journey, and today I hit the 6 stone mark. Not only did I reach the -6 stone milestone, but I can now officially say that I am 3 kg away from healthy. A healthy weight, a healthy BMI, and a healthy life.

Obviously I’ve somewhat adopted a healthy life for myself since my journey began 29 weeks ago but, as some one who has been¬†overweight for 15 years of my life,¬†I can safely say that this milestone will be¬†my biggest accomplishment to date.¬†I’ve trekked through the Himalayas, fallen off waterfalls in the Amazon Rainforest, had lions invade my camp on safari in South Africa and survived it all – but none of that mattered. None of that would have meant a thing if¬†I died too young to tell my story.¬†


Morbidly obese and unhappy – thats¬†who¬†I was.¬†Today I stand, marginally overweight, with 3 kilograms to go until I am¬†officially “normal”.¬†Freedom on an empty beach.

My diabetes? Still present, as far as I’m aware.¬†Life is never perfect.¬†But I’ve had a my life¬†full of torment from people who¬†thought they had the right to judge me¬†for simply being¬†different from them.¬†

I may well be an ex-fatty, but I will always be that fat girl at heart. I will never forget what every individual ever did to my self-esteem and, despite being healthy, I will never see myself as complete. I will probably always be fighting to be a better version of myself due to the insecurities placed in my mind by the snide comments, rude remarks, public torments, and broken dreams.

This post began as a positive one, and I hope I’ve not put anyone off completing their own weight loss, or healthy lifestyle, journeys. I simply state this.

Don’t lose yourself when changing your appearance.¬†There are so many people I’ve met who would have been much nicer¬†if they were social outcasts.¬†

I may not have transformed into a swan just yet, but I intend to remain as charismatic as the original ugly duckling.

Henrietta x

Losing weight without living carb-free

I had an appointment today with my physiotherapist so I thought why not tie it in with lunch out? It was nice to be back around my university campus and I couldn’t resist a lunch looking over the Thames. 

Plus it’s way better for my metabolism to eat my main meal for lunch.

I’ve found lately that I have a whole new relationship with salad. I never used to be one of those beings that order a salad. I always ordered the bacon and cheese burger with chips. Oh the shivers I feel down my spine thinking about the fat content in that! 

I thought it best to explain that I’m not one of those people who order a salad. I don’t live carb-free, just low fat.  
Well just so everyone is aware, carbs are good. Carbs keep you full. You can’t be expected to give up carbs to lose weight because you’ll just end up hungry. 

So I order new potatoes with my salad. I have so much love for new potatoes. They’re literally so much lower in calories than the equivalent weight in pasta. 

I really believe the reason I’ve managed to lose so much weight is because I’ve converted to potatoes and sweet potatoes rather than rice and pasta. I can literally count the amount of times I’ve eaten rice and pasta in the last five months on my hands. 

Literally 100-150g of potatoes is all you need – and only around 120 calories – whereas when you cook a 100g portion of pasta (following the serving suggestions on the packet) you end up with a cooked weight of 200g per person and around 350 calories. 

I did have a point for this post.. Just don’t give up your carbs. Some people may think it works, but if you’re dieting from an unhealthy weight like I was there was never any chance I would have survived this long without carbs (else I would have pigged out regularly on crisps!)

Henrietta x 

Italian never tasted so good

I am a huge fan of proper spaghetti bolognese. The kind where you simmer it for hours with all its baconybeefy goodness. 

I used to use 8 rashers of bacon, a 500g pack of mince, veg and homemade sauce – but eat it all to myself with 4 portions worth of spaghetti. 

Now I’ve worked out a healthier way of making my amazing slow cooked bolognese and I cannot wait to eat some more soon. The trick is to portionise it and freeze batches. When you want a portion, just put it in a saucepan on a low heat. 

Oh my goodness, it’s heavenly.


I get a bit cautious when it comes to pasta and bolognese – how much pasta should I have? 

Most packets recommend 100g dried pasta, cooked. But then that amounts to 350 calories and suddenly I’m not so happy. 

My secret is to use 50g dried pasta, cooked – it may seem like a small amount but once you add the bolognese and a cheeky bit of Parmesan and you have a good 500 calorie meal. I always use wholewheat pasta, and now I no longer like white pasta.

As for my bolognese – has anyone ever heard of muscle food? I rarely buy my meat from anywhere else. It offers the leanest meat I’ve been able to find and I pride myself on low fat meat. It’s all delivered in a cooked box and, as long and you put the meat in the fridge once delivered, it’s a really amazing service. It’s also where I buy my venison from my earlier post!

Their extra lean beef mince (4% fat) is the leanest I’ve been able to find anywhere, with most supermarkets only offering 5% fat. They often do bulk offers where you can buy a hamper of different meats for bargain prices. It’s all good quality and lean.

There is no such thing as a proper bolognese without bacon. Muscle food offer the leanest bacon I’ve found with all the fatty parts trimmed from the leanest cuts of pork. I use a rash of bacon per person so cooking bolognese for four will involve 400g beef mince and four bacon rashes. 

I’m sure you all have your own recipes for bolognese and I’m sure you’ll all pass them down generations in your family, but mine is the best. 

But really it depends if you want to try a new bolognese recipe. I’ll gladly post mine – one day. But, for now, it’s my family secret! 

Henrietta x

How to keep motivated

I’m not going to lie, I really hesitated to post this but I wanted to show everyone how I keep motivated. My 20th post had to be a special one. 

4 months ago I was diagnosed with type two diabetes, weighing 115.6kg (255 lbs) – a BMI of 40 (my god, that means I was morbidly obese!) 

Today I weigh in at 91.6kg (202 lbs) – almost four stone lighter and feeling a lot healthier for it. I’m still, unfortunately, obese technically, but I am 5.5kg (12 lbs) away from being just plain overweight. 

I know not many people pride themselves on being overweight, but if I could get out of the obese category and into the overweight category in the near future I would be delighted. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t considered obese.

I’m aiming to weigh 60-65 kg (132-143 lbs) before I’m happy with being a healthy weight. Based on my height I need to weigh between 54-73kg to have a healthy BMI. 

My then and now photos are how I keep motivated. I have to say I’m not too sure of the difference other than the fact that I know my face is a lot slimmer, but I’m looking forward to noticing the difference in my appearance myself. The strange thing is that I haven’t noticed yet – when I look in the mirror I’m not too sure I can see a difference which is why these photos remind me it’s doing something. 

Keep going everyone, even if you’re sure it’s not making a difference. It is, it’s just takes time to see it. 

Henrietta x

(And please – no hate on the photos).