Hawaii holiday-ing.. 

I literally had the best time ever in Hawaii in May. 

I had the worlds most amazing banana bread French toast out there.

And the ‘two scoop rice’ served with everything hits the spot. For breakfast. 

But I had a fair few sweet treats. 😍

The breakfast in Hawaii was by far my favourite meal of the day. There was this absolutely fantastic place in Waikiki called Duke’s, in the outrigger hotel. They served the most incredible breakfast buffet ever, with freshly made omelettes to order, breakfast potatoes, bacon, homemade chicken and bacon sausage, homemade Portuguese sausage, French toast, cheesy scrambled egg, fresh fruit, and so much more all you can eat food. I seriously recommend it.. If you’re ever in Waikiki? 

Another great thing about Hawaiin cuisine is fresh seafood. 

And lots of it.

I travelled to Honolulu and stayed in Waikiki, beginning my trip on O’ahu. I then travelled to the beautiful and cultural Maui, where I stayed in Napili. The old Lahaina luau on Maui is a must if you ever visit! 

And they let you take some banana bread home. Yum. 

The point of this post is..

Visit Hawaii. It’s great. 

I’m going back next year. 


Henrietta x 

How to keep motivated

I’m not going to lie, I really hesitated to post this but I wanted to show everyone how I keep motivated. My 20th post had to be a special one. 

4 months ago I was diagnosed with type two diabetes, weighing 115.6kg (255 lbs) – a BMI of 40 (my god, that means I was morbidly obese!) 

Today I weigh in at 91.6kg (202 lbs) – almost four stone lighter and feeling a lot healthier for it. I’m still, unfortunately, obese technically, but I am 5.5kg (12 lbs) away from being just plain overweight. 

I know not many people pride themselves on being overweight, but if I could get out of the obese category and into the overweight category in the near future I would be delighted. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t considered obese.

I’m aiming to weigh 60-65 kg (132-143 lbs) before I’m happy with being a healthy weight. Based on my height I need to weigh between 54-73kg to have a healthy BMI. 

My then and now photos are how I keep motivated. I have to say I’m not too sure of the difference other than the fact that I know my face is a lot slimmer, but I’m looking forward to noticing the difference in my appearance myself. The strange thing is that I haven’t noticed yet – when I look in the mirror I’m not too sure I can see a difference which is why these photos remind me it’s doing something. 

Keep going everyone, even if you’re sure it’s not making a difference. It is, it’s just takes time to see it. 

Henrietta x

(And please – no hate on the photos). 


A top tip for those lazy days 

We all have those days. Those day when we just don’t have the strength or the energy to cook. Sometimes I get back from working, having just spent an hour and a half travelling and I think ‘well I just can’t cook right now’ (not to mention I will have forgotten to defrost some meat from the freezer). 

There’s a point – I always portion my meat and freeze it in portions to prevent cooking or eating too much. A year ago I used to cook a six-pack of Chinese chicken thighs (at 260 calories per thigh and a high fat content) and eat them all with the biggest bowl of rice ever (a salad bowl full). 

Anyhow, I may get home sometimes and be completely exhausted or just too plain lazy to cook a meal. 

How do I deal with this? I’m always stocked up on ready meals. I’m not talking any old ready meals, I’m talking healthy, Marks and Spencer’s ‘count on us’ range. I highly recommend these meals, at around 400 calories per meal they all tend to be in the green for fat, saturated fat and sugars. 

  Could you ever believe you could still eat curry?   I never imagined Indian takeaway would still be on the menu. More of a Thai food fan? Not a problem! 

 A HUGE portion of spicy chicken tagliatelle? You don’t have to say no to everything. (I know this looks large, but it is only 384 calories!) Even a cheeky Chinese can be allowed.

My point being its okay to be lazy. We all have commitments, in reality no one expects that we all have the time in the morning to food prep. 

Obviously I wouldn’t recommend becoming reliant on these meals, I find it’s much more fun cooking fresh, new dishes! But, if you are tempted to order a takeaway after a long day – HANG UP THE PHONE. It’s not happening.

Of course if you don’t have a local marks and Spencer’s, many supermarkets offer the healthier versions of their microwave meals. Co-op, tesco and sainsburys have a range of healthier options, just stick to the nutritional information being in the green for fat, saturated fat and sugars. 

Good luck avoiding the microwave from now on! 

Henrietta x