The Dieting Diabetic

A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes isn’t particularly desired by any individual, let alone one of my age. Shortly after my 20th birthday, after having monitored my own blood sugars, I decided it was about time I have the blood test for diabetes to discover whether or not my life was about to change.

It did.

There are plenty of individuals out there who suffer from diabetes at a young age; type one usually. I had type two, the kind that was (at least mostly) my own fault for making the wrong decisions in disregarding the fat, saturated fat, sugar and calorie contents in food, for having the ‘I’ll do it later‘ mindset for so many years, and for point blank refusing to exercise. This happened to me because of me.

Of course I always imagined I would lose my excess weight one day, but never did I think it would take a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes to do this. Alas, it has. Now, however, I’m not so much one for excuses.

My blog, my posts, my stories and my experiences aim to help me and others to find a way to become healthy again, whether it be because you too suffer from diabetes, or because you want to shift some extra weight. Maybe you don’t need to lose any weight, but just want to eat a little better! I have found ways of adapting my lifestyle to help control my illness and, I hope, I can inspire anyone else who wishes to do the same!

Henrietta x

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