The Jean catastrophe 

With university starting again, the deadlines have hit me and I’m working on them full speed ahead.. So I’ve been fairly absent from blog posting.

Yesterday, however, I woke up to my doorbell ringing. Naturally, I grabbed the first pair of jeans I could find and ran down to get my delivery, holding the jeans up frantically as I did this.

To my surprise there were two HUGE parcels for me that I couldn’t carry one-handed, so I let go on my jeans and took the parcels.

Only my jeans then fell off infront of the delivery man.

Though most people would be ashamed for life at this – I wasn’t. I looked up at him blankly and said ‘I’ve lost six stone, sorry.’ And he chuckled. I had a huge hoodie on so its not like he could see anything but my hideously hairy legs..

So here I am, standing in my UK size 22 jeans, proud to say they are FAR too large for me.

Hello UK size 14, I’m almost there on my journey to a 10. 👌🏻🎉

Henrietta x

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