Losing weight without living carb-free

I had an appointment today with my physiotherapist so I thought why not tie it in with lunch out? It was nice to be back around my university campus and I couldn’t resist a lunch looking over the Thames. 

Plus it’s way better for my metabolism to eat my main meal for lunch.

I’ve found lately that I have a whole new relationship with salad. I never used to be one of those beings that order a salad. I always ordered the bacon and cheese burger with chips. Oh the shivers I feel down my spine thinking about the fat content in that! 

I thought it best to explain that I’m not one of those people who order a salad. I don’t live carb-free, just low fat.  
Well just so everyone is aware, carbs are good. Carbs keep you full. You can’t be expected to give up carbs to lose weight because you’ll just end up hungry. 

So I order new potatoes with my salad. I have so much love for new potatoes. They’re literally so much lower in calories than the equivalent weight in pasta. 

I really believe the reason I’ve managed to lose so much weight is because I’ve converted to potatoes and sweet potatoes rather than rice and pasta. I can literally count the amount of times I’ve eaten rice and pasta in the last five months on my hands. 

Literally 100-150g of potatoes is all you need – and only around 120 calories – whereas when you cook a 100g portion of pasta (following the serving suggestions on the packet) you end up with a cooked weight of 200g per person and around 350 calories. 

I did have a point for this post.. Just don’t give up your carbs. Some people may think it works, but if you’re dieting from an unhealthy weight like I was there was never any chance I would have survived this long without carbs (else I would have pigged out regularly on crisps!)

Henrietta x 

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