A well deserved dessert 

It has occurred to me that I haven’t posted any dessert recipes. 

What is this nonsense? 

Hey, I may be a diabetic but I still love a good pudding. 

Alas – gone are the days where you can eat cake with buttercream icing, ice cream with all the toppings, wonderfully light chocolate mousse (and you can bet I made the best chocolate mousse ever) or even a classic sticky toffee pudding. But you can still treat yourselves to healthier desserts. 

Oh please, there’s no such thing as a healthy dessert! – is what you’re probably thinking. Maybe you think this is my way of building your hopes and dreams just to tear them down and leave you with a fruit salad. That’s not the case.

You’d be surprised actually how many sugar-free dessert recipes are out there – but just because it’s sugar free doesn’t mean it’s not filled with bad fats. 

I stumbled across this recipe on an Instagram account, I don’t remember which account, but it was created by a man called Allen Stern. All praise be to Mr. Stern.

Healthy chocolate banana lollipops  

So I found his recipe and had to try it. I ran on down (burning some calories on the way) to my nearest Holland and Barrett and purchased these superfoods the recipe talks about.

Firstly, what on earth is raw cacao powder?  

Well it smells like heaven so I went for it. 

 So the cocoa nibs and the raw cacao powder in this recipe are essentially chocolate before additives. No dairy, no sugar, and organic I guess? It takes some adjusting from regular chocolate as it’s slightly more bitter – but that’s why you should experiment with the amount of sweetener in this recipe. Whatever suits you best until you adjust. It actually grows on you!

Serves: 2


3 bananas

2-3 tablespoons raw cacao powder

1-2 droppers liquid stevia

3 ounces water

handful of raw cacao nibs

handful of raw goji berries


  1. place stick into 2 bananas and place in freezer until soft frozen
  2. place other banana, cacao powder, stevia, water into blender and blend until creamy – you want the chocolate sauce to be thick like Hershey syrup
  3. dunk frozen banana into chocolate sauce
  4. top with cacao nibs and/or goji berries

A similar recipe I managed to stumble upon was an amazing ice cream recipe. I tried a ‘diabetic ice cream’ recipe I found online and it was god awful; when I found this one though I was delighted with the result. 

You literally put the ingredients for this banana on a stick recipe in a blender.

Sugar free, dairy free, rich and indulgent ice cream all around! Freeze it for a couple of hours, (or use an ice cream churner for the best results) and you have yourself an amazing ice cream.

Henrietta x

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