4 stone down! 

So yesterday my weigh in revealed I’ve hit the four stone mark! 

Four stone down, another four and a half to go? 

Yes, I know. It does seem somewhat daunting; I have to keep going though. 

I’m taking it in steps, currently I’m about 4 kilograms away from being considered overweight rather than obese. That is my next target – to be overweight! 

I started this journey in the morbidly obese category, not even realising so! From a BMI of 41 I’ve managed to bring it down to a BMI of 31 – still obese but getting somewhere. 

But, typically, when a dieting fatty like myself manages to shed some extra pounds it involves a celebratory meal. 

Hello beautiful. 😍😍😍

 I don’t want to gain anything back though and ruin what I’ve achieved so low fat is still the way forward! 

I tend to eat fillet steak as it has a lower fat content compared to other cuts, but it can be pricey so I tend to overspend in order to become healthy. Muscle food is literally where I buy all my meat and even though buying a whole fillet of beef is around £35, I got a good 14 steaks out of it. 

Obviously if you want to be even more well behaved than me you would use sweet potato rather than new potatoes, but I just ran out. 😢

Good luck on your own journeys everyone and thanks for checking in on mine! Be sure to keep checking my blog! 

Henrietta x

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