Celebratory meals 

The other day was an anniversary for myself and my other half, and as such we went out for dinner. 

Oh lord, not these struggles again. For some of you who may have read my earlier post, ‘the horror of eating out’, you might understand the levels of anxiety I was then feeling. 

But why should I feel like that when I’m celebrating something?  Surely you can still indulge in a celebratory meal that is healthy? 

Well, you can. Just do it. My secret is to find the menu online of wherever you’re planning on eating and choose your dish in advance after looking up the nutritional information of the dish. You can find the nutritional information for a restaurant’s dishes online easily. So now I didn’t have to feel guilty indulging in anything. I had a steak and rocket salad, with a side of baby potatoes because I will never live carb-free.

I even had a cheeky sharer starter with my other half. 

(And that was smothered in cheese!)

It just goes to show you don’t have to struggle with the menu there and then, with a bit of preparation you can feel good about what you’re eating.

Henrietta x

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