The alternative to steak and chips

Well, it was one of those no expense spared nights last night at a lovely little restaurant on tresco (the scilly isles). After carefully considering my options from the menu provided I asked my mother about the sweet potato wedges. 

“Are they deep fried or oven baked?

To which my response was along the lines of “they’re much too crispy to be oven baked”. It seemed, however, my question spoilt everyone’s fun as my mum then decided that the six of us could only share the single portion of sweet potato wedges given my concerns on how they were cooked. 


Anyhow, that somewhat spoilt my choice to have a healthier version of steak and chips, though I did manage to work my way around the menu. 

First of all, when it comes to ordering steak, you want to choose the least fatty cut you can. Fillet is by far the healthiest option you can go for – but it is also the priciest. I didn’t have beef fillet available on the menu last night so my second best choice is sirloin. I tend to avoid rump at all costs after learning it has a higher fat content than I expected. 

If you prefer your steak rare then you are in for a treat. You actually burn more calories digesting a steak the rarer you have it – and, luckily, that’s just how I like it.

Once my steak was chosen I was back to my dilemma of what to substitute in the place of chips. I had already discovered the sweet potato wedges weren’t my best option, despite their low GI rating, so I reverted back to my safest bet – boiled potatoes please.

Obviously they aren’t quite the same as having steak and chips, but I have to say the health benefits make you feel a lot less guilty upon finishing the meal. 

So there it is: my posh steak and chips. A rare sirloin steak with chickpea purée, boiled new potatoes, roasted tomatoes and steamed beans and broccoli, marinated in aged balsamic. 

Now, come on, were you really expecting me to tell you to still eat chips

Henrietta x

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